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Volunteer Vancouver

Volunteer recognition videos

Volunteer Vancouver, now known as The Vantage Point, is an organization whose mission is to build leadership in the skilled volunteer sector. We were approached several years ago to produce a series of volunteer recognition videos for their awards gala. These videos introduced each nominated volunteer and highlighted their contribution to bettering our society in some way.

With a limited budget we took on the project, also providing a sizeable pro bono component to ensure that the story was done properly. We worked closely with Shirly Weir in the marketing department of Volunteer Vancouver to ensure that the essence and spirit of the nominated volunteers was captured.

There were scores of interviews, across multiple locations in Greater Vancouver with additional support video (B-roll) filmed at the volunteers’ work settings where possible.

The video pieces were a compilation of interview snippets, B-roll and photos. It was Vita’s task to edit these pieces into a cohesive story about each nominee. These videos were shown on three large screens around the venue on the evening of the Gala. During the 2 year period over 70 videos were produced.

Several of the nominees received standing ovations after their story had been told on screen. The audience feedback was extremely positive and eventually lead to some of the new clients that we love to work with today.