Short film series around farmers, community and food

Short Film Series

A self funded short film series looking at how we can affect positive change with our food choices and buying habits. Not enough people understand that they may be contributing to many of the food and health issues society is facing.

In these uplifting candid interviews you’ll get to hear from folk we spoken to, from farmers, to farm staff, to the community, to chefs and beyond. Watch these videos and meet some of the cool farmers that grow your food, the community getting back to true community and the chefs that believe in supporting local farmers!

The take home message is simply know where your food comes from.

Why is this important?Dig and educate yourself and you’ll soon realize how interconnected so many things areā€¦ both the good and the issues. You’ll also soon realize the part you’re playing in all this and that simple small shifts in your buying habits can have a far reaching, positive impact on it all.
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