Giovanni Bastone Foundation

Non-profit awareness video

The Giovanni Bastone Foundation helps raise money for childhood cancer research.

We provide pro bono services to one non-profit organization each year based on three criteria: we believe in what they do; there is a need for our services; we have the ability to make a real difference and create value for them. We were extremely pleased when Deb Nicols of The Giovanni Bastone Foundation approached us for help as she was an ideal person to work with.

In order to attract more supporters and sponsors of the Giovanni Bastone Foundation, we provided a video crafted to touch viewers on a personal and emotional level.

We did this by sharing the stories of three young cancer survivors and how their lives had been changed forever. We also took statements from a doctor/researcher explaining the benefits that these funds provided and why they were so important.

The video is used in presentations, on the web and as an opening piece to the foundation’s annual fund raiser event.