CreativeMix remix

Short film series

CreativeMix 2009 is an interdisciplinary conference based on the common thread of collaboration amongst creative professionals. We had the opportunity to create an interactive exhibit for conference attendees and we took it as a way to flex our creativity muscles.

We started by choosing the theme of “Being a Kid at Heart” that would drive the design elements of our interactive display. We chose this theme based on the belief that ‘the closer you are connected to your inner child, the more creative you can be.’ It’s a paradigm shift that gets tougher as you get older. We chose three themes that were always fascinating to us as kids, and that CreativeMix participants could easily engage in: balloons, bubbles and marble runs.

In order to find other collaborators for this exhibit, we put out a casting call and approached other local studios that had experience with our chosen theme of “Being a Kid at Heart”.

Once we had settled on who was the perfect fit (had the right amounts of creativity and goofiness), we started gathering footage for our interactive display.

We wanted to show viewers how our interviewees’ connection to their inner child helped them in their daily tasks. So we posed questions to our collaborators about balloons, bubbles and marble runs in order to elicit spontaneous responses. We captured their thoughts on what it was to be a kid at heart and the types of things that inspired them in their work. This became part of our exhibit.

For this “Remix”, we’ve put together the footage without the interactive exhibit components and edited these short films. Since this is the first time these are being shown on the web, why don’t you tell us why you think? Visit our Facebook page here and share your stories and comments with our readers.