Adoptive Familes Association of BC (AFABC)

Educational video series

AFABC provides province-wide support and advice for those thinking about adoption, those who have decided to adopt, and those that already have an adopted child or children within their family.

We produced 2 educational DVDs – on Open adoption and on Transracial adoption. In Open adoption the child is in touch with their birth parents. Transracial adoptees are children that are adopted by parents of a different race.

For the Open adoption video we went to the homes of parents and interviewed various members of the families including the adopted child/children in some cases. We gathered stories about the parallels and the challenges that exist between birth and adoptive parents. We learned about the relationship dynamics from the perspectives of the parents as well as the children.

For the Transracial adoption video, we chose a group discussion format in order to encourage natural discussion amongst the group of teens. We listened to feedback and stories about racial identity, growing up in a multi-racial family, racism and stereo types and staying connected with their racial background.

The conversations and interviews helped parents and adoptees alike understand some of the challenges they were likely to face, and how use this knowledge towards a more positive outcome. These DVDs are used within workshops held by the association and are also available in the AFABC library for prospective adopting parents.

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