Fire and Light is a Vancouver based creative storytelling studio. We help conscious, green, local businesses tell great stories. Our tools are film, video and the web.Meaningful stories told by passionate individuals can inspire change within each of us, regardless of age, gender or social status. We’ve got a special affinity for working with human inspired stories that have to do with social good, food and lifestyle choices that effect the environment. We stand behind the stories and the movements that our clients need to share. Our clients include, but are not limited to associations, institutions and non-profit organizations, cooperatives and special interest groups.


We work in the business of inspiring people to participate and to take action. Our clients call on us to help create positive social change. Our tools are compassion and emotion combined with story crafting, film and video.You’ve got the inside track on compelling stories that need to be told. When you need to capture these stories and share them with the world, you can come to us as your partner and collaborator. We work with your organization to find your story. We then help you tell your story visually, but it doesn’t stop there. We always stand behind the messages that our clients need to share and take an active role in sharing the final pieces with the intended audiences, including evaluating the impact and effects.


Vita Mavronicolas

Principal, Filmmaker

Vita is a filmmaker/storyteller with a passion for documentaries and touching stories that really move us as people. She is the main client liaison and leads with her easy going personality and infectious ‘can do’ attitude. Always trust that Vita will take care of the little details and ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

Shaun Mavronicolas

Principal, Creative/Technical Director

Shaun is an award-winning new media producer and is behind all creative, technical and research aspects of the productions. He has an eye for detail and composition. Shaun’s Twitter bio reads like this: Cinematographer, storyteller, collaborator, backyard food grower, maker and tinkerer, sucker for heartfelt stories, eternal student.



We work with other creative artists and freelancers for all our music and sound design.On large projects we assemble support crews as required including makeup artists, photographers, camera operators, script writers, musicians, etc. We also arrange and manage casting calls when actors are required. We don’t currently have any full-time positions available but are always on the lookout for other artists,  designers, filmmakers and storytellers that love what they do. If you’re interested in working with us, please email us with your area of expertise and links to examples of your work.
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